Video Tutorial (double click on the video for full screen)

How it works

Activate the Extension

Click the small butto in the upper right of your screen to activate the tool:

You will see the tool as in the image on the left

Select your Country

This Chrome Extension works in:

The United States
The United Kingdom
Germany (all in German)
France (all in French)
Italy (all in Italian)

Choose your Category

Select your category from the drop down menu

Put in your keyword (optional)

If you like you can put in your keyword to target the product you are looking for. It’s optional.

Pick your discount %

Put in the discount % you are looking for. The higher you put it the less results you will get. If you cannot find your initial discounts try another percentage.

Pick your Price range

If you have an idea of what you would like to pay you can put in your minimum and /or maximum price

Sort by function

You can sort your preferred search from the drop down menu

Only Free delivery (optional)

If you prefer free shipping you can select the box here.

Search Discount

Your last step is to click the ‘Search Discount’ button. It will show you the discounts on the amazon pages of the settings you used.

Need help Installing your Chrome Extension?

The FREE Fast Discount Finder Chrome Extension is available in the official Chrome Store. You can go there by clicking the links on this website. If you need some explanation please watch the video below:

Go to the Chrome Store to Install your FREE Fast Discount Finder Chrome Extension.

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